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Milagro de la Selva Tea
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Recommended by The World Health Organization (WHO)
& Physicians Worldwide.

 Notice: You will not see the words Diabetes, Diabetic, Glucose, Insulin, Pancreas, or Type ll to describe anything related to Milagro Tea on this site.

After 9 (nine) years of success in the U.S., all we can now say is: Milagro de la Selva supports Healthy Metabolism and a lot more!

If you are an individual with Abnormal Metabolism due to family history, illness or drug reaction, you now have a REAL choice...  You be the Judge.

Our Question... Do you want to make a real change in your life's situation, not thought possible, or do you want to keep progressively deteriorating taking more and more medication?

Our Opinion... You will be amazed and grateful for what you feel and measure after a few short days or weeks of drinking this tea (everyone is different and responds at different rates).  The body will adjust in a relatively short amount of time, it will not happen overnight, but it will happen (3-45 days).

If you have been taking care of yourself, but find yourself in this situation after an illness (viral infection) or adverse prescription drug reaction and still have some producing capability, this is your lucky day.  If you are sick right now... well, get this on board as soon as possible.  This is what you have been praying for.

If you have not been taking care of yourself you may want to add a little exercise and start Today, Right Now, to take care of yourself just a little bit better. This is primarily a lifestyle issue with serious consequences if left unchecked.

So... for those that want a REAL change in their life and are not adverse to the strenuous task of boiling water on a stove for 10 minutes and drinking tea...

Here is The Answer and another chance:

Milagro de la SelvaTea
Natural Support for Healthy Metabolism.

As Seen on TV News - ABC, CBS, CW & Readers Digest, yes... Readers Digest!

Start Taking Care of Yourself TODAY.
97% Satisfaction & Reorder Rate.

*Helps Support: Healthy Metabolism; etc.; etc.; etc.
Get Healthy Again!

Two Well Known Medical Facts:
1. The pancreas is the organ that produces insulin, the hormone responsible for maintaining healthy glucose levels in the blood. When a persons glucose levels get out of control, it is because the pancreas is no longer producing enough insulin, but mostly because the body has developed a resistance to its own insulin.

2. Injecting artificial insulin (not your own) only suppresses your production of the hormone - after a few hours, the effect is gone and more insulin is needed. Taking oral medication does nothing to defend and protect the already fragile cells of the pancreas, but whips them to produce more insulin - while not addressing the bodies increasing resistance to the glucose in circulation. This becomes a never-ending battle that only aggravates the prognosis. End.

"...Milagro de la Selva Tea 
 works with your system to assist general healthy metabolism in a natural way..."
Dr. Alberto Ruiz, N.M.D. - Discoverer

1.  For healthy metabolism Milagro de la Selva Tea has a nine year track record of success in 8 countries.
2.  Milagro de la Selva appears to offer help & support, while improving the bodies own use of self.
3. 100% Natural & Organic!